Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm a Mommy now!

Brought my new puppy home on Friday evening! Her name is Love Gun (after Cee Lo's song) and she is so tiny and sweet. Even as I type this, she's sleeping in her crate curled up with a towel because her blankie is being washed and dried right now (we had ourselves an accident today. Totally Mommy's fault) She is a Chihuahua, all white with a grey face and a bit of brown under her cheeks. People see how tiny she is and can't believe it! Neither can I. But you don't want description, you want pictures! Here we go!

This one might be my favorite. I was trying to get her into my friend's car and she wasn't having it at all. It's her "Nope. Fuck what you thought" face

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