Friday, September 14, 2012

End Of Summer

So, have we established that I am crap at keeping up a blog? My sissy is way better at this than me. Maybe it's just because whenever I go to write, I'm afraid people don't care, so I don't put myself out there. But it doesn't stop me on any other social networking sites, so why this one? 

Anyway, the point of this blog is to sort of play catch up for the handful of you who are hopefully still here!

So, let's see. Love Gun is growing like a weed that won't quit. She outgrew her first collar after the first week and now she's wearing a harness. It gets cold in the early mornings now so she has to wear that underneath one of her sweaters or a hoodie (Yes, my baby is spoiled, and I don't care who knows it!) 

I spent a majority of the Summer looking for a new job since mine was only scheduling me a day a week. Then they hit me with the real BS. They told me (after five months of being employed there) that I needed to get rid of my mohawk or I wouldn't be allowed to come back to work. So, for the sake of my minimal paychecks, I got rid of the mohawk I'd had for a year. So now I look like this.

And yes, that is a flower etched into my hair there. Here's a better look!

I also got a new job (after all THAT) working at a school for the deaf here on the East Coast. It's been 2 weeks and I'm pretty confident that this school year will teach me loads about myself and about educating children. Still isn't where my passion lies, but it's giving me what I need right now. 

Now, the inspiration behind me writing this post tonight is what has been heavily on my mind for the last few weeks. In May I was diagnosed with vocal nodules (think of it as having callouses on your vocal cords) We tried voice rest and cutting back on singing, but that was an epic fail. It's my own fault, really. I knew there was something wrong with my throat towards the end of last year but instead of getting it looked at then, I ignored it. (Take Note! You know your body! If you think something is up, PLEASE see a doctor!)

I'm having surgery next week to have the nodes removed and after a week of absolute vocal rest (not even allowed to clear my throat) and 1-3 of NO SINGING at all, I'm hoping to be good as new.

But, please, send up your prayers and positive thoughts. I'd really appreciate it.  

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